The Crossover Mentorship Program is an initiative developed by Planet Africa Network in 2008 to build a community wherein young people lead healthy lifestyles, make positive contributions to society, and grow to become highly responsible citizens.  

The mission of the Program is to equip youth known as Crossover Ambassadors with tools that positively impact lives, by identifying problems that affect them and proffering lasting solutions with professional guidance and mentorship.   The maiden edition of the program was implemented in partnership with Covenant Chapel, with the support of the African Canadian Christian Network (ACCN) in 2009.  

 Mentorship sessions are filmed, photographed, documented in other ways and featured in various media to encourage other youngsters in the community and beyond. Participating youth are primarily aged 13 to 19 and others who may be up to the age of 21.    


1. Career guidance and counseling assistance 
2. Enterprise development, excellence and vision support
3. Academic success, with winning strategies shared
4. Leadership development, with proven principles
5. Life coaching, with essential life skills for success
6. Personal success blueprint and media training

Crossover Mentorship Videos

Crossover Mentorship Part 1
Crossover Mentorship Part 2