The mission of Planet Africa is to reflect the best of people of African background in the world, regardless of where they were born or raised on the planet. It links the Diaspora to the continent and promotes harmony and prosperity in communities worldwide.


The vision of Planet Africa is to have a world wherein people of African heritage have the opportunity to live to their fullest potential and to celebrate their accomplishments with all people of goodwill.


Planet Africa provides platforms aimed at reaching people of African Heritage to inspire, unite, ensure dignity and respect and to showcase and celebrate their successes with the world. Planet Africa envisions higher levels of success in local communities as well as on the international scene. The network is set to unite African people and to advance their aspirations. Indeed with unity of mind and purpose, nothing shall be impossible.


Through Planet Africa Television, Planet Africa Magazine, the annual international Planet Africa Awards program and other initiatives, the organization aims at making Africa, the Diaspora and the world in general, a better place for all humanity.

CNN Features Planet Africa's Patricia & Moses Mawa in a half hour special.